Sunday, July 7, 2019

Spring into Summer

The spring art festival rush is over.  Starting with the first weekend in May with the Lawrence Art in the Park and ending the first weekend in June at the Mulvane Art Fair.

I"m working on some new designs, trying out new techniques and responding to some suggestions by friends.

I have been focusing on resin peices and have a few fun peices that include melted crayon.  
Oval Bezel with Melted Crayon background with resin over the top.  The necklace is embellished with primary colored seed beads and buttons.

 One piece that does not include resin is my all sterling silver necklace.  It is much heavier than I expected. 

All sterling silver pendant featuring a sterling sheet wrapped with sterling silver wire and beads.  The twisted Sterling silver chain enhances the wrap on the pendant.
Both necklaces above have coordinating earrings.  Our next show is at the 2019 Kansas City Fringe Festival. The artists reception is July 14 and the show itself runs from July 19 through the 27.  We will be set up in the lobby of Union Station, our display is just outside the Amtrak station.  We should be there at least noon to 6 every weekday, with Fridays and weekends noon to 8 pm beginning July 19.

If you have time and are in the area, stop by and see me.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

2018: A year in review.

As I prepare for our last show of the season, I am reflecting on 2018.  It has been a busy year for Details.  I have shown my jewelry at several new Art Shows, some successful and some not so successful.

Cupid's Gems in Lenexa is a great show, all Jewelry vendors.  Always well attended, it is held on the Saturday before Valentine's day.  This is one show where we got in the first year it was held and so far every year after that.

Copper wire wrapped with colored aluminum wire.  Hand made wire hook.
In March I went to a new venue in Manhattan at a retirement center.  It was fun and I met some lovely people, even connecting with some people I used to work with.

Oval Amethyst with copper wire with chain.
April brought our first of the Lenexa Farmer's Market shows.  Lenexa is a great city for supporting artists.  They have a featured artist each Saturday at the Farmer's Market.  We had no idea what to expect, but were surprised at the turnout on a cold day.  We were the featured artists a couple of other times throughout the summer, and will close out the season with the last Farmer's Market on October 27.

Sterling Silver flat wire bolted to a rectangle of Red Brass.
May was busy with the Lawrence Art in the Park and the Lenexa Art Fair.  We love participating in these two shows. They are well run and organized and our sales are great.  Both shows are single days and the weather cooperated and was wonderful. 

Necklace.  Lapis rounds wired to heavy gauge copper wire. 

The Mulvane Art Fair kicks off our June with a two-day show the first weekend of June.  We set up on the grounds of Washburn University, it's a beautiful setting and a great art fair.  This year, a bad storm hit Friday night, so fore warned, we secured our tent and merchandise a much as we could, hoping for the best.  Saturday dawned bright and early with our tent and contents in good shape.  One of our neighboring artists did not weather the storm quite as well.  She lot her tent and some of her ceramics got broken.  Other artists, like us, jumped in to help clean up and someone even loaned her their extra tent.  It's was great to see everyone work together to help. 

Hand made 16 gauge wire links.
Our second two-day show was the Olathe Station Art Fair.  It was the first year for this show, and while it was successful,  it has potential to be better in future years.  We had unexpected high temperatures which made the show, which was set up on asphalt, unbearable at times.  But we endured and made it through both days.  The organizers were great about making sure everyone was hydrated and they also provided meals and snacks to the artists.

Copper Bezel with peace signs and sead beeds in Ice Resin. Embellished with clear copper cup chain.
July is our standard two-week show for the Kansas City Fringe Festival.  This year, unlike previous years, we joined the other visual artists in the lobby of Union Station as there was no space for the boutique.  We had a new lighted display case, which was great.  I spent the 10 days of the Festival there and met quite a few people and had great fun people watching.  The photos below are of my Fringe Prize.  While I didn't win the prize, I did get lots of complements.  It was fun to make and much more complex than I would normally make.  You know the saying "Go big, or go home",  that's what I did.

Steampunk Fringe

Steampunk Fringe

Steampunk Fringe
September brought the Spinach Festival, rained out of their original location, we set up in the same park, but at the top of the  hill in the parking lots of the newly complete gardens and shelters.  This was especially great as we had indoor restrooms.  While both the rain and change in location probably kept some people away, lots of people still came to shop.  We had a great day.

Handmade copper bird enameled with Robin's Egg Blue enamel and a wire nest with three eggs.
October has been especially busy as we are getting ready to complete our third show in as many weeks.  First we had the Summit Art Fair 2018.  While we had great expectations, the weather didn't cooperate.  Rain on set up day, so wet in fact that we had to go shopping for dry clothes before the show started.  Saturday was dry but cold and windy, so while we had sales, it wasn't a well attended event.  But we got exposure in an area where we hadn't been before. It's always fun to meet new people, and we did see some people we knew, both from art shows and from our "regular" jobs.  I even saw someone from my high school days.

Feathers with colorful dangles.

Curved copper rectangles.

Terra Jasper with pewter metal bracelet.

Then we were at the Manhattan Lions Club Pancake feed and Craft Fair.  Always a fun event.  We see lots of friends from our college days.

So that's a summary of my year, with many new shows and many more connections with other artists and festivals.



Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cider Days

Please join Details Jewelry at the Cider Days Fall Festival on Saturday September 23, 2017 from 10am to 6 pm and on Sunday September 24 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Kansas Expo Center in Topeka, Kansas.

In addition to the craft vendors, there are historical re-enactors, a petting zoo, fresh pressed apple cider and food vendors galore.

I've been working on new jewelry for the show and am sharing some photos with you below.

 This set is made from resin and sprinkles.  The posts on the earrings are sterling silver

 These copper and crystal earrings are flirty and fun.
 The red brass rectangles are wrapped in sterling silver wire with 16 gauge sterling silver accent.

 These copper tags are accented with aqua stone.

 The copper washer in these earrings have been colored with a patina using bleach.

The copper and sterling silver sections of this pendant are intentionally hanging at different angles and not aligned.

I've had the idea for these earrings for a while.  Just finally got them made.  They turned out pretty much like I imagined them.

To see these and many more of my new  work, come by Cider Days this weekend and see us.  Justook for our purple table skirts.  I hope to see you there. 


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

After the Festival

The 13th annual 2017 Fringe Festival is over.  I had a wonderful time and not only met several great people, I sold lots of jewelry and also made lots more.  There are ups and downs, days when you are super busy and days when you don't sell anything, but overall it was great.

I made this necklace using two different sized copper discs that I curved and enameled using three different colors of enamel powder and some enamel threads.  I sold it before I got the earrings made. 

I am also trying my hand a resin.  I have been experimenting with some failures but have these pendants that work.
Resin Pendant with map of Topeka.
 This pendant with the map of Topeka has a bubble at the top, but otherwise turned out good.

Resin pendant with alcohol inks.
 This pendant was colored with alcohol inks at different levels.  I left the tiny, little bubbles in the resin to see what it would look like. 

Agate pendant with Appetite and sterling silver accents.
 This necklace is the first item I made during the festival.  I really like the pendant and the long silver links.  The color is much more vibrant than this photo shows.

Log on to our Facebook page (Details Jewelry) for more of my new items. 

Hope to see you at our next show at the Lenexa Spinach Festival on September 9, 2017 from 9 am to 4 pm at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park, 87th Street Parkway and Lackman Road in Lenexa, Kansas.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

2017 Kansas City Fringe Festival

Join Details at the 2017 Kansas City Fringe Festival.  We are located in Union Station next to City Stage and across from the concessions stand.  Look for the Fringe 411 Ticket Office. Go to the main level and check out the other visual artist and vote for your favorite Fringe Prize.  

Mine looks like this.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I'm always on the lookout for a new technique or type of jewelry to make.  I have been seeing a lot of leather around and while I have created a few simple leather bracelets, I haven't explored a lot of avenues.  Other than a leather necklace from which you hang a pendant, I tried this technique first.

The basic design is called many things but I call them Lulu bracelets.  My sister taught me this technique. Beads are stitched between two lengths of leather cord.  I have used many different types and sizes of beads.  The one below is my first one. I find this fun as it is relaxing to hand stitch the beads onto the leather.  
Mint green leather with 4mm round beads.

The pink and green one below with the pyramid beads and coordinating seed beads was fun to make.  I had the idea when I bought the pyramid beads and just happened to find the pink leather on clearance.  It screams spring to me.  

Pink and Green Lulu Bracelet
Next I was intrigued with the flat leather about 1/4 of an inch wide.  The leather is kind of stiff and at first I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I kept it simple.  I just added a few sliders to the leather and glued on the metal clasp. I made a purple one below I made for myself to see what it would be like and I wear mine a lot. My purple one is now very dark from the oils in my skin, but that is what happens as leather "ages".  I've made other colors including pink, turquoise and the blue one below.  Note that it has the initials KC on it and the clasp is baseball shaped.  
Purple leather with pewter accents and a magnetic clasp.

KC Royals blue leather with baseball shaped magnetic clasp.
My latest leather bracelet is made from braided leather (no I did not braid it myself, I bought it that way).  I found this leather in a package with two other colors, turquoise and purple.  I stitched the beads on the leather, going through each bead three times.  I want to make sure the beads don't fall off.  it is a triple wrap bracelet with a magnetic clasp.  I really like to work with lots of color, but this leather and beads was really calming to work with.
Triple wrap taupe leather bracelet with small Swarovski beads and a magnetic clasp.

I have more leather and more ideas.  Check back here or on our Facebook page at Details Jewelry.  some of the jewelry is mine and some is Lisa's.