Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kansas City Royals

As I was shopping at my local bead store, The Bead Shop, in Overland Park, I noticed this blue flat leather in KC Royal's Blue.  I immediately had an idea for a bracelet with a magnetic clasp.  As I shopped in the store a bit more, I found a new magnetic clasp that was perfect for the baseball themed Kansas City Royals.  I was so excited to make the bracelet, that I couldn't wait to get home and make it. 

As it turned out, I have gotten lots of positive feedback on the design, so have made a few more, I've been told they will sell quickly.

So here they are.  Check out the baseball shaped magnetic clasp.  It separates at the seams of the baseball.  Perfect, don't you think.
I purposely chose letters with different fonts for this one.  I like that they are mismatched.
Royals bracelet with larger matching KC letters. 
These are just two of the ones I have and I can make more.  Because of the cost of the leather and the clasp, these are $30.00 US Dollars each.  

I also found some round leather in royal blue and made this fun ring.  It's about a size 8 to 8 1/2.

It's asymmetrical, which I'm all over and it's just something fun with some bling. 

You can take it apart as the leather is looped around the metal ring form.  It just screamed out for royal blue leather.  This runs $12.00 US Dollars.

So this is my homage to the World Champion Kansas City Royals.  Hope they do it again this year. 


Monday, April 25, 2016

Trends in my jewelry

I really like learning new jewelry techniques, whether I teach myself or got to a class.  I taught myself to etch copper, which is really, really fun and I'm still exploring new designs.  These sell quite will and are very unique. 

This is the first piece of jewelry I made from etched metal.  It sold very quickly
I liked the rainbow paint on the etched metal and decided to continue the rainbow on the rest of the bracelet.
I've used this "Art" stamp on several pieces.  They are very popular.
This piece was an experiment utilizing a pattern from a jewelry magazine.  The pattern was for a pin, but o converted it to a necklace.  This design technique I call "Chaos" because it has random bends in the wire to make the base.
Original Blue/Green Chaos.

My first copper Chaos necklace.

Chaos and the Kitchen Sink.  Designed for a contest, although it didn't win.
I call this Wildcat Chaos.  The purple represents the college I went to and the feathers represent our cross state rivals. 
I started using leather and am making some basic leather bracelets.  Those have been popular as well. 
Red Chinese crystal double wrap LuLu bracelet.

A four wrap bracelet with clear round AB coated beads on dark purple leather.

I'm setting out to make more chaos necklaces, maybe some earrings and I have some etched pieces ready to make into bracelets and necklaces. Look for my new pieces both here and on Facebook on my personal page and at Details Jewelry.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wedding Jewelry

I'm working on some jewelry for a wedding for a friend of mine.  Her colors are blue, white, silver and burnt orange.  Yes the burnt orange stumped me for a bit, too.  But I persevered.  with her budget in mind we settled on bracelets.  She also thought this would be best given the dresses they would be wearing

 We settled on a three strand design with cones at each end to gather the strands, that I have used before and really like the results.  Since I don't have the wrist measurements, I added a bit of chain to one end to allow for bigger and smaller wrists.   I've made a few of these in other colors, some of which are shown here.
Black and White 3-Strand from  a pre-mixed bag of beads.

White and clear 3-strand bracelet, made for  the Lenexa Bridal Show in February 2016.
A purple 3-strand made from a pre-packaged bead mix.

3-strand bracelet made with a bead mix.

Once I started working on the bracelet, I started enjoying the challenge of using, what for me is an unusual color combination.  i use several shades of blue beads and several different different white and clear beads.  The orange ones are small but pack a big punch.  I finished one, showed it to the Bride and she loved it.  I then finished all three pretty quickly.  Wasn't sure i had enough beads, but somehow I made them stretch far enough for 4 bracelets.

The first of the four bracelets.

Another view of the wedding bracelet.
 I'm really happy how they turned out.  The wedding is this weekend in Las Vegas, so I wish them all the best.  The will be surrounded by family and friends for the big event.  This is my first custom jewelery for a wedding, so I'm hoping the bridesmaids like them.

Best wishes,