Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I'm always on the lookout for a new technique or type of jewelry to make.  I have been seeing a lot of leather around and while I have created a few simple leather bracelets, I haven't explored a lot of avenues.  Other than a leather necklace from which you hang a pendant, I tried this technique first.

The basic design is called many things but I call them Lulu bracelets.  My sister taught me this technique. Beads are stitched between two lengths of leather cord.  I have used many different types and sizes of beads.  The one below is my first one. I find this fun as it is relaxing to hand stitch the beads onto the leather.  
Mint green leather with 4mm round beads.

The pink and green one below with the pyramid beads and coordinating seed beads was fun to make.  I had the idea when I bought the pyramid beads and just happened to find the pink leather on clearance.  It screams spring to me.  

Pink and Green Lulu Bracelet
Next I was intrigued with the flat leather about 1/4 of an inch wide.  The leather is kind of stiff and at first I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I kept it simple.  I just added a few sliders to the leather and glued on the metal clasp. I made a purple one below I made for myself to see what it would be like and I wear mine a lot. My purple one is now very dark from the oils in my skin, but that is what happens as leather "ages".  I've made other colors including pink, turquoise and the blue one below.  Note that it has the initials KC on it and the clasp is baseball shaped.  
Purple leather with pewter accents and a magnetic clasp.

KC Royals blue leather with baseball shaped magnetic clasp.
My latest leather bracelet is made from braided leather (no I did not braid it myself, I bought it that way).  I found this leather in a package with two other colors, turquoise and purple.  I stitched the beads on the leather, going through each bead three times.  I want to make sure the beads don't fall off.  it is a triple wrap bracelet with a magnetic clasp.  I really like to work with lots of color, but this leather and beads was really calming to work with.
Triple wrap taupe leather bracelet with small Swarovski beads and a magnetic clasp.

I have more leather and more ideas.  Check back here or on our Facebook page at Details Jewelry.  some of the jewelry is mine and some is Lisa's. 

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